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22.04.2022 | 2022, Human Rights and Development | Media Center
Portraits of a Feminist Energy Transition | Video Series Part 2 - Women in the Energy Transition in Yemen
Although women play a fundamental role in the management and use of energy resources in households and their communities, they face common challenges related to systematic discrimination,…  
07.04.2022 | 2022, Trade and Development | Event
The Mont Blanc Scenarios: Future Paths for the International Trading Architecture
We embark on a new journey to envision the future of trade, which should be less long and arduous, but short and pleasant. This journey was both content and time-driven, building on the…  
05.04.2022 | 2022, Migration | Media Center
IMRF Puts Global Spotlight on Migration
Interview with members of the Global Coalition on Migration The first International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) is expected to take place from 17-20 May 2022 at the UN headquarter in…  
03.03.2022 | 2022, Human Rights and Development | Event
Children’s Global Consultation on Sustainable Development and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Support Children’s engagement!
The United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) is developing a General Comment on Sustainable Development and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (GC on SD). This is…  
18.02.2022 | 2022, Human Rights and Development | Media Center
Towards a Gender-Just Transition: A Human Rights Approach to Women’s Participation in the Energy Transition
New briefing paper by the GI-ESCR! The Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights published a new briefing paper on «Women’s Participation in the Renewable Energy Transition: A Human…  
11.02.2022 | 2022, Employment and Social Policy | Media Center
Why does the world need a Global Fund for Social Protection?
Simply take three minutes and watch… Our planet remains a pretty miserable place for far too many: half of its population are living in conditions of total social insecurity and some ten per…  
10.02.2022 | 2021
Latest paper: Delivering on the promis of the Global Compact for Migration
The briefing paper series aims at reinforcing steps towards migration justice  
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02.12.2021 | 2021, Trade and Development | Event
“Humanizing the WTO: Seeking a Sustainable, Just, and Integrative Trade Agenda”
Humanizing the WTO will be a key part of making the organization more impactful and durable. Governments are seeking to improve human well-being and ‘build back better” after the COVID-19 pandemic.…  
02.12.2021 | Migration, 2021 | Media Center
Launch of the World Migration Report 2022
We speak with IOM Director General António Vitorino on the newest data on migration. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been producing the flagship World Migration Report…  
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