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22.09.2023 | 2023, Human Rights and Development | Event
Integrating Detoxification and Decarbonization to Protect Human Rights of Affected Communities
HRC54 Side Event / Geneva Toxic Free Talks On the sidelines of the 54th Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC54), this year’s Geneva Toxic Free Talks took place from 20 to 22 September — three…  
18.09.2023 | 2023, Human Rights and Development | Event
Geoengineering and Human Rights
Side Event: Human Rights Implications and Risks of Geoengineering Interventions “Geoengineering” refers to a set of large-scale technological interventions in the Earth's natural systems to…  
15.09.2023 | 2023, Trade and Development | Event
Going Circular: How the HS Codes Can/Not Support a Circular Economy
Are you interested in the circular economy? Did you always want to deepen your understanding about the HS codes? And are you open for experiments? Then this session was for you. A global transition…  
11.09.2023 | 2023, Human Rights and Development | Media Center
Social Protection is a Human Right
Social security is a human right, yet many lack access. International commitments exist, but action is needed. Let's bridge the protection gap! At first glance, it appears logical and sensible,…  
11.09.2023 | 2023, Trade and Development | Media Center
Agreement on Agriculture Reimagined
Exploring ways to redesign global agricultural trade to support sustainable food systems in diverse contexts The world is in urgent need of a trading system that supports sustainable, SDG-consistent…  
28.08.2023 | 2023, Human Rights and Development | Media Center
75 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
On December 10th the world celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights After the end of the Second World War and with the foundation of the United Nations…  
20.06.2023 | 2023, Migration | Event
Advancing Human Rights in Responses to Climate Displacement and Human Mobility: Regional Perspectives
How can we ensure human rights-based approaches to address climate-related displacement risk and human mobility in impacted communities? The parallel event was organized by the Climate, Migration,…  
12.06.2023 | 2023, Migration, Human Rights and Development | Event
Bringing Climate Migration Voices into Global Spaces
A civil society delegation highlighting voices of climate-impacted communities took four regional policy briefs on climate change, human mobility, and human rights to Bonn and Geneva In 2022,…  
01.06.2023 | 2023, Trade and Development | Media Center
New Publication: How Africa Trades - Edited by David Luke
An invaluable open access resource for making sense of the continent's major trade challenges Trade is an essential driver of economic transformation, growth, and prosperity. At a time of global…  
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