Trade and Development

Trade is a powerful engine. But who is driving the engine? And what else needs to be done to let all parts of society benefit from trade policy? We try to empower those who are not yet the main beneficiaries of the current trade policy regime. Trade policy should not be dealt with in isolation which is why we link trade policy with other policy areas such as human rights and labour rights. We have our finger on the pulse of emerging issues in the area of investment policy, digitalization, and illicit financial flows – areas which are of critical importance for development. Based in Geneva, we are following closely the discussions at the WTO, UNCTAD, ILO, ITC and of the various bodies of the UN Human Rights System in our economic related projects.

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Tuesday, 29.10.2019 - Thursday, 31.10.2019 - Johannesburg, South Africa | 2019, Trade and Development | Event

Challenges for the Multilateral Trading System – Perspectives from Southern Africa

The dialogue jointly organized by FES and the WTO aimed at developing a better understanding of the WTO and its role in the international trading…


Tuesday, 08.10.2019 - Geneva, Switzerland | 2019, Trade and Development | Event

Graduating Least Developed Countries in an Evolving WTO

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Tuesday, 24.09.2019 - 13.30-15.00pm, Room XXIII, E-building, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland | 2019, Human Rights and Development, Trade and Development | Event

Digital Trade in Africa: Implications for Inclusion and Human Rights

Digitialization is rapid and accelerating, with innovation changing the way we design, produce and generate value from products and related services.



Kao, Moshe

WTO reform

Old debate, new realities
Geneva, 2019

Download publication (210 KB, PDF-File)

Le commerce numérique en Afrique

Implications en termes d'inclusion et de droits de l'homme
Geneva, 2019

Download publication (3,6 MB PDF-File)

Digital trade in Africa

Implications for inclusion and human rights
Geneva, 2019

Download publication (4,5 MB PDF-File)

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