Migration is a fundamental part of human behaviour. Climate change, environmental pollution, natural disasters, violent conflicts, economic insecurity are some of the reasons why people migrate. While inequalities and power structures exacerbate the reasons to leave one’s home, the lines between forced and chosen migration are rarely clear.

Our social democratic vision for the future is a world in which migration is a free choice and mobility is based on the values of human rights and global solidarity. Based on the Global Compacts on Migration and on Refugees, and the Sustainable Development Goals and through close collaboration with the UN Network on Migration, OHCHR, the Treaty Body System, Special Rapporteurs, and civil society we work to strengthen the promotion and protection of human rights of all migrants.


Tuesday, 14.05.2024 - Tuesday, 14.05.2024 - Tuesday 14 May 2024, Geneva, Switzerland

2024 Geneva Dialogues on Human Rights and Climate Change

The 2024 Geneva Dialogues on Human Rights and Climate Change were building on previous editions to discuss how Geneva-based human rights institutions can contribute to further advancing human rights-based climate action.

Topics of discussion this year included States’ obligations to tackle climate impacts; mechanisms and approaches to address ongoing loss and damage; meaningful protection of environmental defenders in the context of climate conferences; and ongoing advisory opinion processes before international and regional courts. Panelists and participants also explored how Geneva-based human rights mechanisms can inform the ongoing advisory opinions before international courts and tribunals, and how these mechanisms can build on the outcomes of such processes. 

The 2024 Geneva Dialogues were organized by the Center for International Environmental Law  (CIEL), the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR), the Geneva Environment Network (GEN), Earthjustice, and  Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Geneva Office, with the support of the Government of the Grand  Duchy of Luxembourg.  

Confirmed panelists included: 

  • Prof. Elisa Morgera, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and climate change
  • H.E. Sumbue Antas, Permanent Representative of Vanuatu to UNOG
  • H.E. Carlos Sorreta,  Permanent Representative of the Philippines to UNOG
  • Mr. Luc Donckendorf, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to UNOG
  • Prof. Hajer Gueldich, African Union's Legal Counsel (online)

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Hacia objetivos más ambiciosos

Sheill, Kate; Townhead, Laurel

Hacia objetivos más ambiciosos

Reflexiones sobre el Primer Foro de la Migración Internacional
Bonn, 2024

Download publication (450 KB, PDF-File)

Towards more ambitious goals

Sheill, Kate; Townhead, Laurel

Towards more ambitious goals

Reflections on the First International Migrationv Review Forum
Bonn, 2024

Download publication (460 KB, PDF-File)

Reconstruir mejor

Reconstruir mejor

Un llamamiento a ser valientes
Berlin, 2021

Download publication (630 KB, PDF-File)

Reconstruire en mieux

Reconstruire en mieux

Un appel au courage
Berlin, 2020

Download publication (650 KB, PDF-File)

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