Tuesday, 16.02.2016 - Wednesday, 17.02.2016 - Geneva, Switzerland

Unlocking the Potential for E-Commerce in Developping Countries: Towards an Action Plan for an Aid for eTrade Initiative

The rise of new e-commerce is enabling more developing countries to seize opportunities from online commerce.

But significant divides remain: most people and small to medium-sized companies especially in the developing world have yet to use the internet, let alone fully leverage e-commerce for economic opportunity. It is critical to explore ways to ensure that shift from offline to online transactions does not leave people, enterprises and countries behind. Against this background, the workshop brought together a small group of government representatives, international organizations, private companies and other experts to formulate concrete proposals on how to facilitate e-commerce in developing countries. This joint UNCTAD/FES event drew on previous experience with the Aid for Trade initiative and built on existing activities and work by relevant public and private bodies.

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