Universal Periodic Review: A Practical Guide for Civil Society to Build National Coalitions

A new publication on coalition-building for the UPR supported by FES Geneva

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a unique mechanism of the Human Rights Council in which all UN Member States undergo a review of the human rights situation in their countries. While it is a state-led process, the UPR provides a significant opportunity to civil society to exercise social control, ensuring the implementation of human rights policies, and ultimately enhancing the quality of life for all.

Cooperation among civil society organisations (CSOs), working collaboratively in networks and coalitions, emerges as one of the most powerful and effective strategies to improve the human rights situation in a country. By pooling resources and expertise, organisations can collectively navigate challenges, sharing experiences to overcome individual limitations. The strength of a coalition lies in its ability to exchange insights among participating organisations. This collaborative approach enhances the coalition's standing within the thematic area it operates. 

FES Geneva has been supporting the Brazilian Institute for Development and Human Rights (IDDH) to create a practical guide for CSOs interested in engaging with the UPR mechanism. The primary aim of the Guide is to offer assistance to civil society organisations worldwide, guiding them in the formation of a national coalition dedicated to collectively promote and protect human rights through active participation in the UPR. Whether you want to strengthen an existing coalition or build a new one, this Practical Guide will be a valuable resource in the collective social construction process you are undertaking.

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