Towards a Gender-Just Transition: A Human Rights Approach to Women’s Participation in the Energy Transition

New briefing paper by the GI-ESCR!

The Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights published a new briefing paper on «Women’s Participation in the Renewable Energy Transition: A Human Rights Perspective». This new publication analyses the status of women’s representation and engagement in the global push to transform our energy systems in the face of the climate emergency, while developing a human rights approach to ensure women’s meaningful participation in this process.

This new briefing paper provides an overview of the current trends of women’s participation in the rapidly evolving renewable energy sector, as well as normative tools and policy recommendations to use human rights law as a compass for developing energy systems that are not only renewable, but socially and gender-just.
As today humanity’s greatest challenge is to tackle the environmental breakdown while addressing growing inequalities, we hope this briefing paper can contribute to inform how a wide variety of stakeholders can take action and ensure a gender-just transition to a low-carbon world. 

This briefing paper is part of an overall project of our partner, the GI-ESCR on «Gender Equality and Climate Justice in the Context of Renewable Energy», which is supported by the FES Geneva office.

You may download the briefing paper here! 
You may download the summary for policy makers here! 

Please see also the former Briefing Paper on «Renewable Energy and Gender Justice» which was released by Gi-ESCR end of 2020 as a part of a series of activities in this field, supported by the FES Geneva office. It provides an overview of the nexus between renewable energy and gender justice, drawing out several of the most significant opportunities and risks that the clean energy transition presents for women’s rights.

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