Thursday, 05.12.2019 - Geneva, Switzerland

Plunder of the Commons: A Manifesto for Sharing Public Wealth

How much public wealth has been redirected to the 1% in recent decades, and what can we do to get it back? These are the central questions which Guy Standing addressed in this seminar, the latest in the UNRISD-FES series Insights into Inequalities.

Photo: Pelican

Based on analysis from his recent book Plunder of the Commons Guy Standing introduced a new appraisal of the commons and how much of it has been privatized, from land and state housing, health and benefit systems, to justice systems, schools, newspapers and even the air we breathe. He proposed a charter for a new form of commoning, of remembering, guarding and sharing that which belongs to us all, to slash inequality and soothe our current political instability.

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