Wednesday, 11.09.2019 - Geneva, Switzerland

Human Rights Take-Aways from the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land: Understanding the Relevance of Land Rights, the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and Food Security for Effective Climate Action

The IPCC released on 8th August a Special Report on Climate Change and Land. The report was endorsed by all governments. It contains key findings that are highly relevant from a human rights perspective: stressing the importance of gender in tackling climate impacts on land, the importance of land tenure and Indigenous Peoples rights for effective climate action, or the impacts of climate change on food security.

Photo: FES

Shortly after the release of the report, the Amazonian crisis demonstrated once again that without effective protection of the collective rights of Indigenous Peoples, efforts to combat climate change and preserve biodiversity are severely undermined. Understanding these linkages is not only critical in the context of climate policies but are also relevant to the ongoing work of Human Rights institutions, including for instance the drafting of a General Comment on Land and ESC rights by the UN CESCR.

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