Tuesday, 28.09.2021 - Online / WTO, Geneva, Switzerland

The Triple “R” Approach to Trade: Resilience, Robustness and Rights-based

Re-start or re-shape? Do we need a more resilient or a more robust multilateral trading system?

A more resilient system aims at returning to its earlier equilibrium. A more robust system could imply structural changes. This session aimed at translating this theoretical debate into a practical approach on reforming the WTO and trade policy. The purpose of trade policy is not to please trade policymakers. Its purpose is to serve the entire society. Behind any trade policy measure however complex and technical it may be, lies the obligation to empower people in their economic and social development. Trade policy has to be rights-based, human rights-based. This session offered realistic blueprints and guidelines by analysing lessons-learned from the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Speakers were Daniel Bertossa (PSI), Caroline Dommen (Senior Researcher and Writer), Bernd Lange (MEP), James Scott (King's College London) and David Luke (LSE). 

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