Tuesday, 12.10.2021 - Online/ Maison de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland

Thematic Session at the 2021 Annual Conference of the Geneva Human Rights Platform: “Environment and Human Rights - How do National Human Rights Actors Address this Link and How do They Engage with Geneva-Based International Mechanisms? “

The FES Geneva office, together with UNEP, CIEL, Earthjustice, Geneva Environment Network and Franciscans International co-sponsored a panel on environment and human rights of the upcoming Annual Conference of the Geneva Human Rights Platform.

Photo: Geneva Academy

While the theme for this year’s conference was on “Connectivity between national and Geneva-based human rights actors”, the thematic session co-sponsored by FES focused on how national human rights actors address the link between environment and human rights and how they engage with Geneva-based international human rights mechanisms. 

All national human rights actors have a role to play at domestic level by implementing policies to tackle the triple planetary crisis -environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change -which are negatively affecting the full enjoyment of a broad range of human rights. They may also engage at the international level for addressing environment related human rights issues at the different UN human rights mechanisms.

This session therefore further explored how different national human right actors have contributed to a more effective, informed and participatory environmental and climate action, at both national and UN-levels.

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