Friday, 15.09.2023 - 12.30pm - 13.45pm, Room A, WTO building, Geneva, Switzerland

Going Circular: How the HS Codes Can/Not Support a Circular Economy

Are you interested in the circular economy? Did you always want to deepen your understanding about the HS codes? And are you open for experiments? Then this session was for you.

Photo: WTO

A global transition to an inclusive circular economy is a vital strategy for addressing the triple crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution as well as boosting industrial resilience. International trade will play a critical role in realising an inclusive circular economy. This session explored how trade flows which promise to contribute to an inclusive circular economy can be better facilitated. “Going circular” discussed the important role the HS can play in helping to address circular trade facilitation challenges. However, it emphasized its limitations and introduce experimental trade facilitation measures to achieve more quickly a robust and inclusive circular economy.

Speakers were Gael Grooby (WCO), Elisabeth Türk (UNECE), and Jack Barrie (Chatham House). 

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