Monday, 10.10.2016 - Tuesday, 11.10.2016 - Berlin, Germany

10 Years Human Rights Council – What Difference Has It Made? And What Difference Should It Make In The Future?

Organized jointly by FES, the German Institute for Human Rights and the NGO Forum for Human Rights, this annual conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Council provided an opportunity to reflect on the work and effectiveness of the HRC.

In exploring the question of how the Council can do better in its second decade than in its first, the conference analyzed central structures of the Council. Potential future relationship of the Council with other relevant human rights institutions and mechanisms – such as National Human Rights Institutions, parliamentarians as well as the Development Agenda 2030 and – were explored. Enhancing cooperation and embedding human rights in the work of international mechanisms and debates is critical to ensure that the respective agendas are complementary rather than entering into competition with each other.

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