Human Rights and Development

The list of challenges to human rights in the 21st century is long. Climate change threatens fundamental human rights, such as the right to food, water or adequate housing. Austerity measures sacrifice the public’s right to social security, health and work in an attempt to balance state budgets. Global supply chains exacerbate the challenge to hold businesses accountable to their obligations to protect the rights of workers, consumers and local communities affected by their actions. Through close collaboration with OHCHR, the Treaty Body System, Special Rapporteurs and civil society we work to strengthen the promotion and protection of human rights through the United Nations system.

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From international ivory towers to national realities

The challenge of creating national social dialogues for social protection floors
Berlin, 2019

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Le commerce numérique en Afrique

Implications en termes d'inclusion et de droits de l'homme
Geneva, 2019

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Exploitation by exposure

How toxic substances poison workers' rights
Berlin, 2019

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