Thursday, 01.10.2015 - Geneva, Switzerland

WTO Public Forum: Trade in Services: Do GATS and TISA Work in the Public Interest?

Trade in services “works” to integrate services sectors into the global economy and to open up markets for transnational suppliers of services.

Given the explosion of services able to be contracted and delivered online, increasing trade in services can also work to bring new services to consumers across the globe. At the same time, the particular disciplines on regulating services – both domestic and traded – inherent in proposals such as the TISA and the expansion of the GATS in the WTO, may also work to constrain legitimate functions such as the proper public regulation and oversight of the provision of private services, as well as the provision of quality accessible public services. Which trade in services rules work for ensuring global financial stability? Data privacy? Ensuring safety and efficiency in transportation? Ensuring labor rights, including for migrant workers? Which rules work – or do not work – to ensure human rights to health care, education, access to water, and other essential public services.

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