Thursday, 02.12.2021 - 13.30pm - 14.45pm CET, online

“Humanizing the WTO: Seeking a Sustainable, Just, and Integrative Trade Agenda”

Humanizing the WTO will be a key part of making the organization more impactful and durable.

Governments are seeking to improve human well-being and ‘build back better” after the COVID-19 pandemic. Increasing societal discontent with globalization, inequalities, and the rise of protectionist measures threaten the trade regime's legitimacy and effectiveness. However, human impacts of trade are rarely discussed in the WTO where members’ governments are at the table for more technical discussions. At this side-event during the IISD Trade and Sustainability Hub, the speakers will not shy away from these fundamental elements for the future world trading system.

Speakers were Caroline Dommen, Independent Researcher (, Maria Andrea Echazu Aguero, Human Rights Officer, OHCHR, and David Luke, Professor in Practice and Strategic Director, Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa, LSE. This event was jointly organized by QUNO and FES Geneva office.

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